Lyrical Masterminds : The Fugees

When I found this 1996 Apollo clip of The Fugees preforming it totally blew my mind. Prior to finding this I had completely forgotten how great Lauryn’s stage presence was. Ms Hill is highly underated and puts many of these female (and some male) MC’s to shame just peep minutes 1:00-1:34 she stopped the preformance and broke into a freestyle which made the whole crowd go wild and dont even get me started on the reggae thing Wyclef was doing. Great preformances like that are something to remember check it out below.


Def Poetry Spotlight “Children of a Lesser God”

Any true lover of spokenword is a fan of the HBO series Def Poetry Jam, thanks to the internet many of the performances can be found on youtube. From time to time I will be posting some of my favorite performances here at SpokenRap. Today’s piece was preformed by Jamacian born activist Deb Young. The piece is called “Children of a Lesser God” and it is about a young girls struggle with keeping the secret of her rapist whom is her uncle. The piece is so powerful and Deb does an outstanding job performing this is truly a memorable piece check it out below.