Mixtape of The Week: “The Messengers”

In a previous entry I posted the first three tracks to the much anticipated mixtape from rapper’s K’naan and J.Period entitled “The messanger.” Which is a tribute to music greats Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Fela Kuti. Well now the mixtape is available in its entirety and I must say I’m feelin’ this one hard! so I decided to name it the mixtape of the week download it here and let me know if you agree.


Preformances: Now Thats How You Really Let The Beat Build!!!

Its rare when I can watch a whole music video and love everything about it, but thats exactly what happened when I first saw this clip. The video is by Nyle and the song is his own version of Lil Wayne’s song “Let the beat build.” What I love most about the video was how they used live singers and a live band to recreate the beat instead of using Wayne’s instrumental. Everyone on the video brought their A game especially the artist himself Nyle who is an up and coming singer from the NYC area. I think this is one of those tracks that everyone can enjoy even if you dont listen to rap/hip-hop and although some stans out there may try to disagree Nyle’s version gives Wayne’s a run for his money. But don’t just take my word for it peep the video below and let me know what you think. Also if you know of any live preformances or music videos you enjoy please email them to me at spokenrap@gmail.com

SpokenRap’s Schedule stay posted and spread the word!!!

Alright Im back from Hiatus yall so spokenrap is officialy back in effect! had to get my mind right because I was fresh out of ideas lol but its all good. I’ve come to realize that things are alot easier when you have some sort of schedule to go by so from now on this blog will have some sort of schedule of the things I will be posting daily. That way no matter what I’ll have something to post. And of course in addition to the daily blogs I will post some of my random ish when I feel like it I wouldnt me if I didn’t 🙂 lol. So the schedule is as following.

Monday- Mixtape/Album of the Week
Tuesday- Hot preformances or Def Poetry Jam vids
Wednesday- Artist Spotlight
Thursday- PoeticRymes Upadate’s
Friday- RealTalk With PoeticRymes
Saturday/Sunday- Random
**in addition to the topics listed above I will be posting other blogs here and there also Im thinking about some writers to SpokenRap if you are interested or you know someone who is please contact me at spokenrap@gmail.com much love to yall stay tuned!!!!!


Yes I know Ive been gone but there is a reasnable explaination on why lol just work with me yall SpokenRap will be back on September 21, 2009 you may see a post here and there until then but I wont be in full effect until the 21st.