Don’t be a Victim..

This past Tuesday Dec 1st, 2009 was world AIDS day, anyone who knows me or is somewhat familiar with my work knows that I am a HUGE advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness. I’ve been involved in many projects related to that topic such as a play that I wrote What Comes Around Goes Around which was featured on an online radio show was even about to hit a real stage (that part is still on hold) I’ve also written several short stories and poems on the topic. Well anyways I’ve always wanted to direct a photoshoot of some sort so in the summer of ’09 I decided to start a photo shoot called Don’t be a Victim to bring more awareness to HIV/AIDS. The response I got from people who wanted to be involved was overwhelming and great! Currently I am still taking pictures but hope to release this collection soon in some form whether that be via a myspace/facebook page, blog/site or what have you (not sure exactly what I want to do with it yet) but I am open to suggestions so if you have any ideas please let me know in the comments 🙂 on a side note I’m currently involved in another project dealing with HIV/AIDS but I’ll give you more info on that when the time comes I promise 🙂 below are a few sneak peak shots from the Don’t be a Victim collection please tell me what you think your feedback is needed! thanks