Hip Hop From Around The World: Kafa Beanz

For those of you who have never heard of Kafa Beanz they are a ethio-hip hop group based in the DMV, Their sound consists of some old school Ethiopian jazz mixed with some modern day hip-hop very reminiscent of 90’s rap groups or for those of you who don’t about that (real hip-hop) lol. The group consists of female MC B-Sheba, Grammy nominated singer Wayna, rapper Gabriel Teodros, and rapper BurntFace. I first discovered them when I was online one night searching for a female Ethiopian rapper, because I knew there had to be others besides Lola Monroe out there. I came across a video of B-Sheba and was blown away! I mean real talk this girl has major talent and is better than many of the new female rappers that are in the game right now it’s just sad that she is not getting the same recognition. Anyways as I continued to research her I learned that her along with two other Ethiopian rappers and one other Ethiopian singer teamed up to create what is now known as Kafa Beanz. Honestly I am proud to see fellow Ethiopian-Americans out there trying something new and making a name for themselves Im very excited to see where this goes. Kafa Beanz debut The Kafa Beanz: Andromeda: The Chronicles of Blackopia Vol. 1 can be bought/downloaded on AddisTunes.com
here also below are two of there videos, on the first vid peep B-sheba spittin the truth! the second video is by Gabriel Teodros and the song has a very powerful message. oh and if you where wondering who that beautiful woman was in his video it was none other than the rap queen herself B-Sheba. 🙂


Artist Spotlight: Jai Tease

Not only is Jai Tease a self taught female MC she is also a DJ, Radio personality, actress, director, writer, author, producer, manager, graphic designer, and a entreprenuer. We all know the state that female rap is in right now but Jai Tease is breaking those obstacles with her incredible talent. Some of you may recognize her as a contestent from Chris Stokes “I wanna be a star” contest on youtube, where she made it to the very end. She has also created a buzz for herself on youtube as a vlogger. This woman wears many,many hats and is putting alot of these so called rappers to shame she truly is a force to be reckoned with.
To listen to Jai Tease’s music check her out via her myspace page here
check her out on youtube here
also follow her on twitter here.

Artist Spotlight: “Star Child”

Amir Abd el-Fattah AKA “Star Child” is a rapper from the DMV area. His sound is heavely influenced by his heritage which is of east african descent. Star Child is a revolutionist in his own right, with songs like “Continent on my back,” “Hold your flag up,” and “Horn of Africa” he is bringing awareness to the struggles and injustice minorities face as well as showcasing pride for his african heritage. Not only is he a rapper he is also a singer and a poet. With his many talents Star Child is sure to go far. But dont just take my word for it listen to his music for yourself via his myspace page here.

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