Hip Hop From Around The World: Kafa Beanz

For those of you who have never heard of Kafa Beanz they are a ethio-hip hop group based in the DMV, Their sound consists of some old school Ethiopian jazz mixed with some modern day hip-hop very reminiscent of 90’s rap groups or for those of you who don’t about that (real hip-hop) lol. The group consists of female MC B-Sheba, Grammy nominated singer Wayna, rapper Gabriel Teodros, and rapper BurntFace. I first discovered them when I was online one night searching for a female Ethiopian rapper, because I knew there had to be others besides Lola Monroe out there. I came across a video of B-Sheba and was blown away! I mean real talk this girl has major talent and is better than many of the new female rappers that are in the game right now it’s just sad that she is not getting the same recognition. Anyways as I continued to research her I learned that her along with two other Ethiopian rappers and one other Ethiopian singer teamed up to create what is now known as Kafa Beanz. Honestly I am proud to see fellow Ethiopian-Americans out there trying something new and making a name for themselves Im very excited to see where this goes. Kafa Beanz debut The Kafa Beanz: Andromeda: The Chronicles of Blackopia Vol. 1 can be bought/downloaded on AddisTunes.com
here also below are two of there videos, on the first vid peep B-sheba spittin the truth! the second video is by Gabriel Teodros and the song has a very powerful message. oh and if you where wondering who that beautiful woman was in his video it was none other than the rap queen herself B-Sheba. 🙂


Paying Homage: K’naan & J. Period Present..”The Messengers”

Somali born rapper K’naan has teamed up with DJ/producer J. Period to release a mixtape intitled “The Messengers.” The mixtape pays homage to three legends of music Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Fela Kuti. It is set to be released during a 5 week period. The first installment is a 3 song EP and was released on tuesday, August 18th. During Septemeber a new track will be released every tuesday paying tribute to the legends individually. Fela Kuti’s tribute will be released September 1st, Bob Marley’s tribute will be released September 8th and Bob Dylan’s on September 15th. Then on September 22nd “The Messengers” will be released in its entirety with additional tracks and album artwork. I think that this mixtape is exactly what hip-hop needs its always great to see musican’s paying homage to those that paved the way for them, I’ve heard the first three tracks and I’m quite impressed cant wait to hear the rest of it!! to get more information on “The Messengers” and to download the first three tracks click here. Post your thoughts below on how you feel about this project and the first three tracks.

The Female Addition: Keri Hilson, lil Kim , Teyana Taylor- Turn My Swag On

If there ever was any doubt that I was a lil kim STAN then now here is proof that I am, this has got to be like the third post I’ve done on the notorious K.I.M( lol). Anyways lil Kim, Keri Hilson, and Teyana Taylor teamed up and released their own version of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On.” I loved the way Keri sang the hook and Teyana’s verse at the end of the song was the business but I cant say the same about Kim which is quite shocking. I usually love everything she touches but I couldn’t say the same about her verse on this track; so of course I had to take it to my twitter people and see what they thought of it here are some of their responses.

dreaontv@PoeticRymes I could do without the squeaky voices ON TOP of the auto tune..not the move.

DariusAmore@PoeticRymes i think kim is foolin herself.. keri sounds good. and taylor is not so bad. its a younger song. OGs like lil kim shud stay away

Daboisnick@PoeticRymes it was cool I liked it

After listening to the track a few times I could see why I wasn’t feeling Kim it was the autotune! so Kim baby I know your reading this please leave the autotune for Tpain and Kanye you are so beyond that level 🙂 hehe. On a side note all three of these women got swag for days! Peep the track and download it here.

Hot Download!: Artistic Expression- Girls Have Feelings

Previously I did a artist spotlight post on the LA based rap trio Artistic Expression here. Well now they have released some new material and it is hot! I’m not to sure as to whether it’s an album or a mixtape but Im feeling it none the less. Good hip-hop still exist folks! so download it for yourself here also check out Artistic Expression’s myspace here

**UPDATE** “Girls Have Feelings” is actually by two of the three members of Artistic Expression Are and Be, add their music page here.

New Music Downloads: Lil Kim,J Cole,Kid Cudi

Lil Kim Feat The Dream and Soulja Boy- Download Remix
I’m lovin’ this remix! The Dream always knows how to “sing” the right melodies and Soulja Boy’s verse actually flowed well with the song. To download this Track click here.

J Cole – Lights Please
As my cousin would say J Cole is the “hood approved” version of Drake LOL! and he is straight killin’ this song right here. to find out for yourself download this track here.

Kid Cudi – Call me Moon Man

alright yall I know, I know there is no download link to this track but its all good though I posted the video below, and if you use google as much as I do you know that you can convert the video to .mp3 format LOL. Not to sure how I feel about this song though, maybe this is one of those that have to grow on me eh IDK but I do know that Kid Cudi has been releasing some fiyah so I’ll give him a pass on this one.

Editors Note: If you you have any songs you would like featured on this blog send your inquiries to poeticrymes@gmail.com or spokenrap@gmail.com make sure to include the title of the song and who it is by.

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