SpokenRap Exclusive: Interview with Michelle Mosely “The Hood’s Favorite Poet”

Q1)What is your name and where are you from?
A1)Michelle Deborah-Leann Moseley AKA “The Hood’s favorite Female Poet.”
Q2) Why did you start writing how old where you? And how was your first experience performing live?
A2)I started writing when I was 12 after my mother bought me a diary, then Juicy by BIG came out and I really started expressing myself. I’ve been performing since I was 3 but my first time performing as a spoken word artist was a little scary. I wasn’t playing a role I was expressing myself plus I waited all night to get on the mic.

Q3) How is the spoken word scene in NJ? Have you ever preformed elsewhere?
A3)The spoken word scene in Jersey is moving a little slow but we are getting there. I’ve preformed in New York at the Bowery and different venues in Philly.

Q4) Out of everything your have written what is your favorite piece and why?
A4)My favorite piece has to be “I Prayed for You” I love the music that was put behind it. Plus it was written about someone who ended up being killed about three months later.

Q5) Which person in you’re life inspires/inspired you to write? Which artist inspires you?
A5)I remember hearing “Juicy” in the car with my mom driving back through DC and it was like a bell went off, the lights came on over my head I was like that’s what I want to do (write/perform) BIG was the first to inspire me. The lyrics where but he gave them life, my community inspires me a lot now because I’m seeing the future and what my writing can help my community do. I feel like I’m their voice.

Q6) If you could describe your writing style in one word what would it be? Why?
A6)Firecracker. (No Matter what you doing as soon as I start to spit you stop listen and stare).

Q7) Your piece 16-inch weave is quite an interesting concept, for those who haven’t heard it what is it about? And what inspired you to write this piece?
A7)I was basically talking to myself LOL reassuring myself that its ok that I don’t look like all the other poets when I go to an open mic. And it was kind of me being fed up with being mistaken for an R&b singer. (Like why cant I be a poet!!! LOL)

Q8)How do you feel about the state that hip hop is in now? And how do you feel when people say hip-hop is dead, do you agree?
A8)I’m in love with Hip-Hop just like I was in the 90’s when I was introduced to it. I don’t think hip-hop is dead, people are mad at Soulja Boy and I don’t understand why. The youth need something to dance too every song cant be about drugs, guns, hoe’s and pain that’s not everyone’s life. I’m not going to lie that boy makes me mad sometimes with some of his actions and words but his music is what teenagers need (fun rap). When people say hip-hop is dead I don’t think much…. That’s their opinion; I’m from Jersey I listen to underground hip-hop (local artist) all day everyday. So I know its not dead its very much alive right here in Jersey.

Q9) If you had the chance to collab with any spoken word artist or rapper who would it be? And why?
A9) 10) As far as a collab with a rapper the list is so long. I cant pick just one. But hands down I pray one day I can write a song for Mary J. Blige and be the featured poet on the track. It’s because of women like her and the power of prayer that girls like me don’t give up their dreams.
Q10) Through your work what do you strive to accomplish?
A10) I want to better my community, I believe that I was put here to be a poet and help other people believe in themselves and make their dreams come true.

Editors Note: After interviewing Ms. Mosely I realized why she was the hood’s favorite poet, this sistah’s words are truly powerful and she is going places I wish her the best in everything that she chooses to venture in and will continue to support her.

Contacting Michelle Mosely
for her myspace click here
watch her on youtube here


SpokenRap Exclusive: Interview with spokenword artist “Venom”

Lisa “Left eye” Lopez said it best “Whenever you go through struggle it is only a preparation for what is yet to come.” That quote is true in more ways then one and is especially true for Venom, A spoken word artist who is getting a lot of recognition in Atlanta check out this interview where she tells it all.

Q1) What is your name and how did you come up with your pen name?

1A) My birth name is Bernice. It means victorious in Greek. I came up with the name VENOM because of its definition (a hunting arsenal; in the case of self-defense)

Q2) Where are you from and what was your life like as a child?

2A) I’m from Kansas City Missouri. As a child, my life was real. I grew up in a single parent home. I was born into Female Empowerment!

Q3) Do you remember what your first poem was? If so what inspired you to write it? And what inspired you to write period? How old where you?

3A) My first poem was titled “An Addiction”. I wrote it when I was dating a young drug dealer. My true-life experiences are what inspired me to write. Throughout my many transitions, I was always aware of my surroundings and in tune with the universe. Just so happens that this was my calling and my mission for the Most High has to be complete I’ve been writing since I was about 30.

Q4) I see you in your youtube videos you say you are the first poet of hood hard explain what that is and how you became apart of it?

4A) Hood Hard is a movement founded by DJ Aaries; Newest Face of Roca Wear, almost 2 years ago. I was performing poetry at a Hip Hop open mic that he was dj’ing at. I passed him one of my CD’s and the next morning he left me an email, set up a meeting and it was official…VENOM 1st Poet of HOOD HARD

Q5) In your piece “You think” you talk about being a single mother and the struggle that it has been for you and when speaking of your baby father’s you said “Ones in jail, one aint claiming and the other is dying of AIDS” how where these experiences for you and how did you rise through it?

5A) Being that these experiences were real and true to my life, they were life changing. I mean…I overcame those obstacles and was blessed enough to share them with the world. I know there’s a higher calling for me.

Q6) When listening to your work some people may consider it to be vulgar, explain why you chose to write this way?

6A) It’s hard, raw, uncut, uncircumcised NO additives, NO preservatives, No sugar coatings. It’s the real deal. Life can be hard sometimes!

Q7) Are their any artists, poets or people you know that inspire you to write? If so who are they and why do the inspire you?

7A) The first artist to inspire me was Techn9ne. He inspired me to keep it original. To move the masses thru thou works. His style is unorthodox.

The first poet to inspire me was TuPac. He could reach the sinners and the saints. He taught me balance.

People I know that inspire me: Gino L Morrow; President of Black Poet Collectives The first time he saw me spit, he told me to “lose the paper, it takes away from your presentation”. I never used paper again. I thank him for that.

Q8) How has the poetry scene in Atlanta been for you? Out of all the contests or shows you have been apart of which ones stand out to you the most? Why?

8A) The poetry scene in Atlanta has been good for me. It’s given me a foundation to build an empire on. Of all the contest or shows I’ve been a part of, the one’s I didn’t perform on stood out the most. They stand out because; people who have never heard me do poetry have a sudden interest to know what I do.

Q9) Through your writing what do you strive to accomplish? And what is the overall message you want to share with the world?

9A) I strive to accomplish a legacy I can leave to my children and grandson. Testimonies I can share with the entire world. Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Murderer, Thief, Liar, Stripper, Preacher…everyone from every walk of life. No one in life is perfect. My overall message: “We must all go thru transitions to find what space the world holds for us”.

Q10) Out of all your poems which ones are your favorites? And which ones do you enjoy performing the most? Why?

10A) “Runaway Slave” is my favorite poem; rather written or spitten. I actually felt physical, emotional & mental pain while writing this poem. It’s one that I hold close to my heart. It’s one that has healed many hearts. It’s one that is self-therapeutic for me. I enjoy performing my personal relationship pieces. It shows strength and character.

Editors Note: it truly was a pleasure interviewing Venom, she is very talented and I wish her the best with everything that she is doing.

Contacting Venom
To purchase Venoms CD or book you can do so via her myspace page here
For bio information check out Venom’s site here
For booking : 770-873-2573

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