Conspiracy Theories=Setbacks

This is something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time, I’m sure all of you are familiar with the William Lynch letter if not then click here. It was supposedly written to keep blacks in check for centuries. You may also be aware of the conspiracy that HIV/AIDS was in fact intentionally created to kill off minorities Click here. Now whether or not you believe these things to be true we all can agree that these are all conspiracies…right? with that being said let me get to the point, I have a problem with theories such as this for one simple reason regardless of the fact if they are true or not they still set us back! and here’s why. I know to many people who will act the way they’ve been told to. meaning that if they are told that they are nothing and never will be anything in the future they will believe it! as crazy as that sounds its a sad truth. I feel as though some people use the William Lynch letter as an excuse to why some of our people people live the types of lives that they do. And same goes for the HIV/AIDS conspiracy some use that as an excuse to not use protection because they believe that their going to get it anyways. Now I’m not saying that these conspiracies don’t hold some truths but we cannot continue to let things like this dictate who we are and who we will become in the future! as a matter of fact things like this should motivate us to prove these theories to be wrong. I could talk about this all day but I’m going to stop here you get where I’m trying to go with this….right? I’d love to here everyone’s feedback so if you read this post please take the time out to leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this I’m thinking about taking this discussion further in some form maybe a video, or a radio show IDK for now but please post your thoughts. Also check out the video below it is about another conspiracy exploring the possibility that Tupac Shakur may actually still be alive, its called The 7 day theory.


“Beef” is it Really Worth it?

Whenever two artists of the same genre gain similar attention chances are that they will have some sort of rivalry or "beef." Now there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition I myself think that it helps artists push themselves more to produce better music and to become better artists, a prime example is in September 2007 When 50 Cent and Kanye West battled it out to see who would sell more records since they both where releasing their albums on the same day. The rivalry never got out of hand and even after my dude Kanyeezy won the battle 50 Cent was never disrespectful but we all know that this isn't always the case. Their rivalry could have easily taken an ugly turn and become the same type of "beef" that Tupac and Biggie had. The events that occured between the two of them affected hip-hop as a whole, it started a beef between not only them but those that listened to their music it became a war between the East and West coast that ultimately took both of their lives. Another famous beef was the one between two of the most controversial female rappers, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. It all started when Sean "Puffy" Combs suggested that Foxy Brown swagger jacked Lil Kim, the beef then carried over to Lil Kim's sophomore album "Notorious K.I.M” from there it perpetuated into a beef that still exists between the two of them to this day. So the real question is, is beef really worth it? on one hand it attracts publicity and pushes artists to be on their top game but on the other hand it could turn ugly and even end someone’s life. So instead of artists gaining recognition through “beef” I think that its safer for them to work on their sound/orginality and stand out that way rather than risking you career and potentially your life on a few record sales and seeing your name on a few blogs………..similar to this one 🙂 (lol).

Why They Hatin’ On Soulja Boy?

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We all know about the things people say about him, “he has no flow,” “he is a bubble gum rapper,” “his music has no meaning,” and other things of that nature. But I had somewhat of a different thought about the dude and it wasn’t until someone said something that really caught my attention that I decided to speak on it. If you look through the archives you will see that in July I did an interview with Spokenword Artist Michelle Mosely. In the interview we where discussing the state of hip-hop and she made a very interesting point, “people are mad at Soulja Boy and I don’t understand why. The youth need something to dance too every song cant be about drugs, guns, hoe’s and pain that’s not everyone’s life. I’m not going to lie that boy makes me mad sometimes with some of his actions and words but his music is what teenagers need (fun rap).” I couldnt agree with this more! I mean sure his music doesn’t have the deepest content and his lyrics arent the best, but that doesn’t make him any less of an artist. Soulja Boy makes music you can dance to just like the 69 Boyz, Tag Team, and Wreks n Effect did back in the day but you didn’t hear people complaining about them now did you? what makes me laugh the most is that the same people that claim not to like his music are the same ones that are gettin’ loose to “She got a donk” in the club (lol). By me saying this doesn’t mean I like all of his music or that I agree with all of his actions because I dont, but what I am saying is that Soulja Boy has earned his place in music. So please give that anti-Soulja Boy talk a rest.

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