Preformances: Now Thats How You Really Let The Beat Build!!!

Its rare when I can watch a whole music video and love everything about it, but thats exactly what happened when I first saw this clip. The video is by Nyle and the song is his own version of Lil Wayne’s song “Let the beat build.” What I love most about the video was how they used live singers and a live band to recreate the beat instead of using Wayne’s instrumental. Everyone on the video brought their A game especially the artist himself Nyle who is an up and coming singer from the NYC area. I think this is one of those tracks that everyone can enjoy even if you dont listen to rap/hip-hop and although some stans out there may try to disagree Nyle’s version gives Wayne’s a run for his money. But don’t just take my word for it peep the video below and let me know what you think. Also if you know of any live preformances or music videos you enjoy please email them to me at


Preformances: Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper

Now I waited some time to post this only because I was looking for the right words to say. I’ve seen this story on several blogs and all of them said one of two things, some found this to be a great performance while others thought of it as a utter fail. I even took it to twitter and asked my followers what they thought of it and got the same responses! so now I’ll do my best and give you my take on it. Those of you that know me know that I am a HUGE lil Kim stan when I first heard about her singing with Cyndi Lauper at Nelson Mandela’s birthday I was nervous that my girl would embarass herself, but after watching the video I could see that with some good voice lessons Kimmy has potential! not to become a full time singer or anything like that but maybe sing on a chorus or two. Regardless on how you felt about her singing skills you must admit that this preformance was a great moment for Hip-Hop and music in general. Some of you may think I’m crazy for saying that but think about it, two women from completely different genres coming together in unity and collaborating. I just love the way they went from Cyndi Lauper’s hit “Time after Time” to one of Lil Kim’s hits “Lighters Up.” They where able to connect these two very different songs and find a common ground. Also by them singing “Lighters Up” it made me listen to the words and see that the song had a strong meaning “I come from Bed-Stuy,niggas either do or they gon’die Gotta keep the ratchet close by Someone murdered, nobody seen, nobody heard it Just another funeral service Niggas will get at you, come through shinin’ they yap you In broad day light kidnap you Feds get clapped too, police stay on us like tattoos Niggas only grind cause we have to Money is power, sling crack, weed and powder Fiends come through every hour S’all about that dollar and we nuh deal with cowards Weak lambs get devoured by the lion In the concrete jungle, the strong stand and rumble The weak fold and crumble, it’s the land of trouble.” to me this preformance was some what reminiscent of Aerosmith and Run DMC’s barrier breaking collaboration on the 1986 hit “Walk this Way.” Although Kimmy and Cyndi’s performance was a little rough the point was definitely made. Check out the preformance below and give me your take on it, and peep minutes 2:38-2:51 I see you Cyndi gettin your rap on you better get it! lol.

Lyrical Masterminds : The Fugees

When I found this 1996 Apollo clip of The Fugees preforming it totally blew my mind. Prior to finding this I had completely forgotten how great Lauryn’s stage presence was. Ms Hill is highly underated and puts many of these female (and some male) MC’s to shame just peep minutes 1:00-1:34 she stopped the preformance and broke into a freestyle which made the whole crowd go wild and dont even get me started on the reggae thing Wyclef was doing. Great preformances like that are something to remember check it out below.