Real AutoTune: “Red The Man without The Machine”

If you ever heard a beat boxer and thought they where dope then you must not have heard of this dude right here, because he blows all of them out of the water. Not only can he beatbox but he can sing like he is using autotune when he isn’t! watch out T-Pain Red is giving you a run for your money. Check out Red’s new single “I should tell your momma on you” below and subscribe to his youtube channel here.


Def Poetry Spotlight: Bassey Ikpi

Basey Ikpi has got to be one of my favorite spokenword artists. Her words are always powerful and so is her delivery, a piece of hers that always comes to mind when hearing her name is “Homeward” which is about the struggle of growing up between two cultures. I myself directly relate to the piece because just like Bassey I was born and raised in the U.S but both of my parents are african. “Homeward” was such an uplifting piece to hear and one everyone should know about especially those who can relate. Check it out below

Also check out this piece by her this one was also very powerful.

RealTalk from PoeticRymes: Speaking to the Sistah’s


Dear Sistah’s,

To those of you who’ve ever been called a ho, trick,smut,bop, loose, etc. or to those of you who’ve ever acted in that matter don’t ever let your past dictate who you are in your future. Often times I see women who want to change their ways but are afraid to because they will be called a hypocrite or afraid that people will quickly remind them of who they once where. Well truth is most likely that will happen and you must prepare yourself for it, don’t let other people’s opinions discourage your growth. People will always try to tear you down and make you feel unworthy but you must channel all of that negativity and use it to make YOU a better person. Also whenever you feel yourself slipping away think of the little girls out there like your daughters,sisters,cousins etc. even if it doesnt seem like it they look up to YOU show them how to carry themselves in a respectful manner by doing so yourself. I know the media doesnt help much either with little to no depictions of positive black women, young girls are put into a box of confusion and insecurity but that is where you come. If you carry yourself with pride, respect, and grace then so will they. It’s not all on you though us men must do a better job of uplifting you and letting you know just how special you truly are. I myself always make it a mission to uplift women through my writing as well as the youth so all my brotha’s out there do same in your own form whether that be through music, writing, speaking etc. I know this post might be all over the place and I might be rambling a bit but its the thought that counts 🙂 and for the most part you should get the point LOL. So once again know your worth and don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are capable of because you are beautiful and the sky is the limit for you. P.S. Fella’s I know I was mostly speaking to the ladies in this piece but yall know I’m reppin’ for yall to I got one for us so be on the lookout for it LOL.

SpokenRap Exclusive: Interview with spokenword artist “Venom”

Lisa “Left eye” Lopez said it best “Whenever you go through struggle it is only a preparation for what is yet to come.” That quote is true in more ways then one and is especially true for Venom, A spoken word artist who is getting a lot of recognition in Atlanta check out this interview where she tells it all.

Q1) What is your name and how did you come up with your pen name?

1A) My birth name is Bernice. It means victorious in Greek. I came up with the name VENOM because of its definition (a hunting arsenal; in the case of self-defense)

Q2) Where are you from and what was your life like as a child?

2A) I’m from Kansas City Missouri. As a child, my life was real. I grew up in a single parent home. I was born into Female Empowerment!

Q3) Do you remember what your first poem was? If so what inspired you to write it? And what inspired you to write period? How old where you?

3A) My first poem was titled “An Addiction”. I wrote it when I was dating a young drug dealer. My true-life experiences are what inspired me to write. Throughout my many transitions, I was always aware of my surroundings and in tune with the universe. Just so happens that this was my calling and my mission for the Most High has to be complete I’ve been writing since I was about 30.

Q4) I see you in your youtube videos you say you are the first poet of hood hard explain what that is and how you became apart of it?

4A) Hood Hard is a movement founded by DJ Aaries; Newest Face of Roca Wear, almost 2 years ago. I was performing poetry at a Hip Hop open mic that he was dj’ing at. I passed him one of my CD’s and the next morning he left me an email, set up a meeting and it was official…VENOM 1st Poet of HOOD HARD

Q5) In your piece “You think” you talk about being a single mother and the struggle that it has been for you and when speaking of your baby father’s you said “Ones in jail, one aint claiming and the other is dying of AIDS” how where these experiences for you and how did you rise through it?

5A) Being that these experiences were real and true to my life, they were life changing. I mean…I overcame those obstacles and was blessed enough to share them with the world. I know there’s a higher calling for me.

Q6) When listening to your work some people may consider it to be vulgar, explain why you chose to write this way?

6A) It’s hard, raw, uncut, uncircumcised NO additives, NO preservatives, No sugar coatings. It’s the real deal. Life can be hard sometimes!

Q7) Are their any artists, poets or people you know that inspire you to write? If so who are they and why do the inspire you?

7A) The first artist to inspire me was Techn9ne. He inspired me to keep it original. To move the masses thru thou works. His style is unorthodox.

The first poet to inspire me was TuPac. He could reach the sinners and the saints. He taught me balance.

People I know that inspire me: Gino L Morrow; President of Black Poet Collectives The first time he saw me spit, he told me to “lose the paper, it takes away from your presentation”. I never used paper again. I thank him for that.

Q8) How has the poetry scene in Atlanta been for you? Out of all the contests or shows you have been apart of which ones stand out to you the most? Why?

8A) The poetry scene in Atlanta has been good for me. It’s given me a foundation to build an empire on. Of all the contest or shows I’ve been a part of, the one’s I didn’t perform on stood out the most. They stand out because; people who have never heard me do poetry have a sudden interest to know what I do.

Q9) Through your writing what do you strive to accomplish? And what is the overall message you want to share with the world?

9A) I strive to accomplish a legacy I can leave to my children and grandson. Testimonies I can share with the entire world. Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Murderer, Thief, Liar, Stripper, Preacher…everyone from every walk of life. No one in life is perfect. My overall message: “We must all go thru transitions to find what space the world holds for us”.

Q10) Out of all your poems which ones are your favorites? And which ones do you enjoy performing the most? Why?

10A) “Runaway Slave” is my favorite poem; rather written or spitten. I actually felt physical, emotional & mental pain while writing this poem. It’s one that I hold close to my heart. It’s one that has healed many hearts. It’s one that is self-therapeutic for me. I enjoy performing my personal relationship pieces. It shows strength and character.

Editors Note: it truly was a pleasure interviewing Venom, she is very talented and I wish her the best with everything that she is doing.

Contacting Venom
To purchase Venoms CD or book you can do so via her myspace page here
For bio information check out Venom’s site here
For booking : 770-873-2573

Controversy Sells :Angel Lola Luv AKA “Lola Monroe”

Now we all know this chick gets a lot of slack because of the way she came up in the game personally I don’t see why . I mean yes she was a “video vixen” but that shouldn’t limit her career ventures. I’ve read/seen many interviews in the beginning of her career where she stated that she was a rapper and wanted to begin working on her music, so I don’t think it is right for people to question her decision to rap based off of her past work. Now I must admit when I first heard about her rapping I didn’t know what to expect, but once I heard a few tracks I could see that she had potential and that she was on her way to doing something big. People are now comparing her to Nicki Minaj and even saying that she may have a better shot at mainstream recognition. I’ll let you be the judge of that check out her music via her myspace page and buy her new mixtape “Boss Bitch’s World” here
Lola Monroe’s Mixtape “Boss Bitch’s World is now available for download here

Artist Spotlight: “Artistic Expression”

Often times I hear people saying things like “hip-hop is dead” and “hip-hop has no meaning anymore” well that is simply not true, especially when it comes to rap trio Artistic Expression. They are based in LA, California and have a unique sound there music is very reminiscent of artists such as De La Soul , Common , Talib Kweli, Nas etc. I first discovered their music when I was on myspace one day searching my name. Thats when I found Abel’s personal page (one of the members of AE whom has the same name as me lol). Through his page I found his groups page and instantly became hooked to their music. Mainstream is truly missing out on this talented trio hopefully they will get the recognition they deserve soon. Check out their music via there myspace page here

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