Artist Spotlight: Jai Tease

Not only is Jai Tease a self taught female MC she is also a DJ, Radio personality, actress, director, writer, author, producer, manager, graphic designer, and a entreprenuer. We all know the state that female rap is in right now but Jai Tease is breaking those obstacles with her incredible talent. Some of you may recognize her as a contestent from Chris Stokes “I wanna be a star” contest on youtube, where she made it to the very end. She has also created a buzz for herself on youtube as a vlogger. This woman wears many,many hats and is putting alot of these so called rappers to shame she truly is a force to be reckoned with.
To listen to Jai Tease’s music check her out via her myspace page here
check her out on youtube here
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The Female Addition: Keri Hilson, lil Kim , Teyana Taylor- Turn My Swag On

If there ever was any doubt that I was a lil kim STAN then now here is proof that I am, this has got to be like the third post I’ve done on the notorious K.I.M( lol). Anyways lil Kim, Keri Hilson, and Teyana Taylor teamed up and released their own version of Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On.” I loved the way Keri sang the hook and Teyana’s verse at the end of the song was the business but I cant say the same about Kim which is quite shocking. I usually love everything she touches but I couldn’t say the same about her verse on this track; so of course I had to take it to my twitter people and see what they thought of it here are some of their responses.

dreaontv@PoeticRymes I could do without the squeaky voices ON TOP of the auto tune..not the move.

DariusAmore@PoeticRymes i think kim is foolin herself.. keri sounds good. and taylor is not so bad. its a younger song. OGs like lil kim shud stay away

Daboisnick@PoeticRymes it was cool I liked it

After listening to the track a few times I could see why I wasn’t feeling Kim it was the autotune! so Kim baby I know your reading this please leave the autotune for Tpain and Kanye you are so beyond that level 🙂 hehe. On a side note all three of these women got swag for days! Peep the track and download it here.

New Music Downloads: Lil Kim,J Cole,Kid Cudi

Lil Kim Feat The Dream and Soulja Boy- Download Remix
I’m lovin’ this remix! The Dream always knows how to “sing” the right melodies and Soulja Boy’s verse actually flowed well with the song. To download this Track click here.

J Cole – Lights Please
As my cousin would say J Cole is the “hood approved” version of Drake LOL! and he is straight killin’ this song right here. to find out for yourself download this track here.

Kid Cudi – Call me Moon Man

alright yall I know, I know there is no download link to this track but its all good though I posted the video below, and if you use google as much as I do you know that you can convert the video to .mp3 format LOL. Not to sure how I feel about this song though, maybe this is one of those that have to grow on me eh IDK but I do know that Kid Cudi has been releasing some fiyah so I’ll give him a pass on this one.

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